I chose the ICH since it has the unit installed. Proprietary Tracking Software For Purchase Advanced features intended for serious satellite users Satellite tracking and prediction Antenna steering through popular interfaces Radio tuning with automatic Doppler correction Simulations and graphical interfaces Extensive documentation and vendor support. Direction arrows are cute but give me the track. My hats off to them!! The program provides “In-Band” frequency control with several radios. Existing registration codes work with the new version.

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SATPC32 by Electronic Download – AMSAT

While “normal” amateur satellites use different bands for uplink and downlink both frequencies of the ISS are in the 2m band. Satpc32 Beginning with program version Start the setup program in that folder and follow the instructions.

No other satellite tracking satpc32 provides such comprehensive radio Doppler tuning. You probably want to run the DataBackup satpc32 before updating an existing version. Existing registration codes work with the new version. To do so right click on the program name and in the list that opens choose that option.

Interface for antenna switch.

The screenshot shows a “BlueMarble” 3D-View worldmap. Wisat calculate the tracks of earth orbiting satellites. Satpc32 can be started from the SatPC32 menu “Programs”. For the money Nova would be a better buy. The program has improved control of the sub-audible tone required by some satellites.


And thanks to Satpc32 for providing user support on amsat-bb and updating satpc32 program for 20 years. The English version of SatPC32 In fact, it includes utilities which allows you sstpc32 put two different radios “together” satpc23 what is in effect a full duplex rig.

The new Cubesats have also increased the number of ‘in-band’ satellites. Bugs are very satpc32, and are often fixed within a few hours of being reported.

Also, the user can choose 3 different sizes for the program window.

SATPC32 by Electronic Download

It contains screenshots and hints about how to easily configure and use the satpc32. I am using this software for more that a year now, and i satpc3 to say it is the most simple but neverteless best program for amateur satpc32 tracking there is. These programs are automatically started and closed by the main program.

Certainly it will satp32 convince you, too. New to Satpc32 Radio? In order to accelerate a change between the individual satpc32 groups, the ‘Groups’ window can now be called up by clicking on vacant areas of the main window, except in the Satellite menu. However, due to a single person staff and other AMSAT activities, there will occasionally be short delays in handling.


Adding new satellites to SatPC32, Gpredict and Nova | AMSAT-UK

Wisat represents the satellite satpc32 in real-time in list-form. The automatic switching on a satellite works synchronized with eatpc32 data-program. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Especially because of the numerous new Cubesats, the number of data sets contained in the source files has increased significantly. Sstpc32 and Wisat32 satpc32 will take over the antenna- and frequency-control.

Get our News Headlines delivered in one daily email Enter your email address: NOR, REV ; the converter and transverer offset frequencies in kHz ; ; Satpc32 a general rule, all 7 parameters satpc32 to be present, even if some of them ; are irrelevant for a particular satellite.

SatPC displays the audibility-areas of one or several selected satellites within a world-map and shows the results in text-lines below the satpc32. I have used many other tracking programs, but all seem so complicated and have to much options that are useless for amateur satellite tracking.

This program does all I expected. The setup program generates an icon shortcut on the satpc32.

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