They’re friendly and enthusiastic, and many of them have been Fusion users for a very long time. Keying uses the color values in the image to try to separate the subject from the background. Rotoscoping For this lesson, I have prepared a short greenscreen clip from another of my student projects. So it looks like the Luma Keyer isn’t going to get us where we need to be. I’ll try to do a tutorial on this at some point.

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It will be present to some degree in any chroma key shot, but Fusion’s Matte Control is a superb means of getting rid of it. I could keep noodling at the matte for a royoscoping, resetting and trying different sample points, but I think this is a reasonable result for my purposes. As with the other keyers, the first step is to select the background color. Chroma Keyer The next weapon in our arsenal is the Chroma Keyer.

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Change the Channel control to Green and adjust the Low and High thresholds again to get a somewhat better result. It is a time-consuming job that is frequently rotoscoping in fusion tutorial to junior compositors or dedicated roto artists in order to save the rotoscopping and senior-level artists and their higher salaries for more demanding tasks.

Vision also has a noise reduction plugin that’s supposed to be pretty good, but I haven’t used that one either.

Rotoscoping with the new Planar Tracker : Blackmagic Design Fusion

That is, if you rptoscoping tasked to roto a window behind an actor, don’t try to make a shape for the left side of the window and the actor’s left profile and another for the right side and the actor’s right profile.


That bright outline is causing the saturation key to break down.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes you several hours to roto even a simple shot. In a B-Spline, you can also change a point’s smoothness—how much of an angle it has, by holding W while dragging.

Remember, though, that you should take every opportunity you can to simplify matters for yourself. What it doesn’t do is affect rotosclping position of individual ortoscoping rotoscoping in fusion tutorial. I put it in front of an actual background just to see how it holds up on something other than the checkerboard. It is far easier to rotoscope a positive shape than a negative one.

Blackmagic Fusion: Rotoscoping and Keying

Rotoscoping For this lesson, I have prepared a short greenscreen clip from another of my student projects. The interface is much less responsive than 3.

Simon Ubsdell tokyo productions hawaiki. Find tutoria places where a particular piece of him changes direction, or starts or stops moving.

Rotoscoping with the new Planar Tracker

As such, it’s an important skill to learn to do well and quickly if you want to show your worth to a visual effects studio. Matte Control is a very useful tool for dealing with alpha channels.

It’s better than the other built-in tools, but Fusion really needs a decent new keyer. Drag your sampling line across some of the pixels in the background that are still visible. It functions much like the Rotoscoping in fusion tutorial Keyer, but it has a couple of other controls. That’s another reason to use smaller shapes—you may not need keyframes on the head in the same place you want them for the hands, but if you have just one big shape, you don’t have a choice about it.


This tool is designed specifically to deal with screens of this sort. I don’t know if the Fusion planar tracker is harnessing the same underlying technology but the results are just as awesome.

This image shows a so-called “clown rotoscoping in fusion tutorial in which each piece of the Camaro is assigned a different flat color, allowing the compositor to easily affect one piece of the car without touching the others although making the hood stripes and the windows both yellow was a bad move.

It’s easy to completely change the action of a shot with that kind of misunderstandingthen we’ll key the man on camera left. Primatte operates by using the color picker in several different modes.

The good news is that it is possible to construct your own keyer and then save it as a Macro or, if you’re good with programming, a Fuse.

Blackmagic Fusion: Rotoscoping and Keying – Bryan Ray

One click, and tutoroal we have a nicer matte than the Chroma Keyer made. If the edge is reasonably uniform in blurriness, the Soft Edge and Border Width controls can take care of handling the blend. Hopefully there’s also a refractions pass that can be used to separate the glass.

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