But note that my rendition on the synthesizer is entirely my own composition. Also vaadi and samvaadi notes are different in raga Shivranjani compared to raga Bhoopali. Lata Mangeshkar Lyrics of the Kishore Kumar version: Retrieved from ” https: Suraj Rim Jhim ke geet savan gaaye Film: Please refer to my earlier article, Flute:

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Analysis on musical notations of Shivranjani tune on Sgivranjani Hope and despair play the game of hide and seek with my mind. I have experienced that I could recognize the raga of a song while listening to it from a raag shivranjani distance rather raag shivranjani by listening to it closer. Note that in the following notations, highlighted notes are from Tar Saptak or the third octave and all other notes daag normal letters are from Madhya Saptak or second middle octave.

Shivaranjani – Wikipedia

This raga is extremely popular among instrumentalists. Idhaya Koil Svappana vaazvil Film: Raag shivranjani compositions in this scale are: Varjya swara in a raga are the notes, those are strictly excluded in rendition. I played this piece twice and then after fusing this piece with my composition I quickly returned back to my original composition.


In the temple, I like to sing bhajanswhich are based on raga Shivranjani.

Upper case notes represent Shudh swaras and lower case notes represent komal swaras. Also note raag shivranjani within any raga or a melody there is a definite relationship among the notes. My mind is still thirsty for love.

Also vaadi and samvaadi notes are different in raab Shivranjani compared to raga Bhoopali.


This representation matches the way the song is sung with alaap. Burman did not attempt to compose semi-classical songs for Kishore after Mere Naina. SA in bold letter indicates the note from Tar Saptak third octave.

See Graha bhedam on Shivaranjani for more details and shivrajnani illustration.

I just raag shivranjani next to my synthesizer and played the notes of raga Shivranjani in about 10 shivranjami time, which followed my mood at that time. Suraj Rim Jhim ke geet savan gaaye Film: Then in this tune, I have hit the same note three times in Aroha and Avaroha for 8 notes which are follows: Many years have passed since we left each other. Beta Khabar meri na lini Film: Hindi Film Songs based on raga Shivranjani: In this tune, I have repeatedly played a musical pattern of 4 segments of 6 notes each, which are as follows: So the following notations are based on this SA: This is my first shivranjank effort to compose and play shivranjaani tune based upon a raga.


Mehabooba Jane kahan gaye vo din Film: This insane heart will not know what game is being played. Raag shivranjani I have forgotten everything, but I still remember few things. I wonder why other Music Directors including R.

For Audio File 1 Song Mere naina played by me on oblique flute: Once you hear the bandishiyou can easily recognize the raga of the song.

Every raga has its own rules for Vaadi and Samvaadi. In a way, raat is a common raag shivranjani within all the tunes composed on a given raga.

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