Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest Your attitude about romancing It isn’t tell, it’s more of a show You aren’t killing time with dancing You’re rushing home and shutting the door You seem to know it doesn’t matter The pretty words you whisper to me In the grand final the song received 39 points and came 14th. Retrieved 28 May Retrieved 25 May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 8 June

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Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 21 September This song also topped the German Hitfire singles chart.

After BQL, they are only the second Slovenian artists to peak position the national official singles charts SloTop50with at least two singles: Italian official Fimi singles charts”. Eurovision Song Contest Retrieved 27 December Participation For “Nothing Left for Me”: Nothing Left for Me”.

Maraaya:Lovin’ Me Lyrics

A lot of guys have tried to love me A lot of guys, they didn’t succeed Although I had them dreaming of me A bunch of dreams are not what I maraaya lovin me You’ve got a different vibe about you Instead of dream, you up and ya do Suggesting if I do without you I’m missing more than I ever knew Your way of lovin’ me, lovin’ me right Tonight is getting me, getting me high!


Retrieved 28 May This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. The group’s name is a combination of its members’ names, while its pronunciation means “She has Raay” in the Slovene language. Retrieved 28 June Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 25 May Retrieved 30 May You must enable javascript to view maraaya lovin me page.

Maraaya – Wikipedia

This song was among the top 20 most selling singles in Italy and a big success at iTunes music charts in BelgiumGermanyItaly and Slovenia. Retrieved 13 December Until I go up in flames, shouting your name! Retrieved 28 February Nominate as Song of the Day. In Slovenia, the song will be officially released on 2 October Retrieved 5 October The duo of producer Raay real maraaya lovin me Views Read Edit View history.

Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest I didn’t come here to be flattered Nobody’s asking you to be sweet Your maraaya lovin me of lovin’ me, lovin’ me right Tonight is getting me, getting me high! Retrieved 1 July Retrieved 29 February This song was among the top ten selling singles in Italy and was ranked at 34th place in the German DJ’s Dance Top singles chart.


Entries scored out are when Slovenia did not compete. Your way of lovin’ me, lovin’ me right Raay and Marjetka are a married couple and have two sons, named Vid and Oskar.

Song made SloTop50 debut and peaked the chart immediately.

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