Newer Post Older Post Home. Kudos go to Ace’ – and the author of NaomiCF. Finally, many thanks to you again, Makaron authors and contributors, I can’t wait to hear reponse from you. Do you have question about this game? Bottom line is, if you games dont boot after you have flashed them, just try renaming the ABC. Unknown 4 November at

makaronex 4.01

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So in short if you’re able to reprogram your pic change XYZ to ABC or you will have to rename the file on your cf card every time you reflash it.

Cute Makaron Elephant Flamingo Cats HD Lock Screen for Android – APK Download

But good news is I might be getting some soon, so that I can finally test the signal integrity issues on close to final hardware. We’ll see once I get my hands on it anyway: I can’t and won’t comment on any issues you makarpnex have with it.

Second, and this is not explained anywhere, WinCE compatibility is actually highest in makarknex mode. I am going to test other games in the coming days, but i assume they all work since its decrypted. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Just a little update. Day wasted on fixing this particular “bug”.


makaronex 4.01

Spot differences between two pictures: Leave a Comment to the Entry. Since the new project has easily times the transfer rates even with cheap SD cards I expect this to be fixed now. Can you post a demo video with the alpha state of the emulator in action? Luckily i have a working Ikaruga CF card – and i decided to take a closer look at the files on the two cards and compare them. Makaron is a cool emulator and provides unique capability running WinCE based games, it is an excellent job and I want to send my acknowledgement to the you, Deunan.

I don’t see any termination or filters on original GD so it should be possible to overcome this by just shortening the link length and using proper connectors with ground lines separating the important stuff.

makaronex 4.01

Makkaronex i recomended you play alpha on ps1 emulator because 2d graphics in srt better then 3d. Solei 9 February at I wasn’t the one who uploaded them, I just gave makaromex to a handful of people I know. The content of the small files was almost identical so i decided not to change the ABC. Unknown 4 November at Hi, I have uploaded both the NaomiCF utility, the patched 4.

Cute Makaron Elephant Flamingo Cats HD Lock Screen

But as I said there is a light in the tunnel right now. Depending on where you got it makaronxe will either be ABC. Again, I need the connectors to test that in first place. Cool, but I have some issue to report about Makaron. Not exactly what I’m aiming at for the moment.


So it just won’t work at all in these case. I just ask how its game run on nulldc and demul emulators.

Condition red – Deunan — LiveJournal

Attached are representative error reports with different Makaron versions, hope this information could help improving Makaron to a perfect DC Emu. For now i have successfully tested following games: And I would like to provide SRW image if necessary.

You haven’t properly analyzed the problem.

Super Robot War series is well known in Japan and China, but it seemingly doesn’t have English or other version. What about steering, brakes, wheels, seats, etc? Paul 27 January at Im too big fan of this series games.

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