Other newly supported output formats include H. You can transcode between HD and Standard Definition SD video, change frame rates and export to any format using preset or custom settings. ProCoder 3 Encoding Software for Windows is rated 5. Playback machine too slow Audio and video are out of sync Cause: Multiple ProCoder sessions are easily queued for unattended processing, allowing it to be left overnight or over weekends without the need for any manual intervention. As with source footage, video and audio filters can be applied to target media formats, allowing you to grade footage slightly differently for each distribution method if need be – and also to sharpen, crop and deinterlace for streaming video delivery while leaving higher quality encodes alone.

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Video bitrate too high Video appears fuzzy or blurry Cause: The quality of its output is superb and its versatility is sure to be a blessing to the majority of working pros running Windows-based systems.

Grass Valley-ProCoder 3 | Video Software | Pro-Video | Cherubini Strumenti Musicali Roma

Audio filters are more scarce, with only five basic options including fades, normalisation and lowpass filters, but ProCoder 3 does now provide a sound channel mixer.

AC3 is available when encoding video to elementary streams for DVD authoring, however. This process ensures that all files are encoded to meet the correct specifications as designated by the watch folder settings. These include low pass, normalize and vzlley adjustment.


The list is quite comprehensive, grass valley procoder 3 we’re disappointed to see that Dolby AC3 isn’t available for audio-only conversion.

Version 3 of the program has, therefore, been eagerly anticipated by existing users who increasingly found themselves stepping away from their favourite encoding suite to crunch their media.

Grass Valley-ProCoder 3

This utility eliminates the need to process each job individually. This allows the software performance to increase as you upgrade your computer. Encoding speeds are determined by the output formats chosen, effects added, quality requirements and the speed of the host system, but we weren’t disappointed by ProCoder’s performance. DVD media reading problem Cause: At first glance, ProCoder doesn’t appear to have changed much. ProCoder 3 Vallet and User Guide.

Output formats for encoding Targets are organised according to their application – such as DVD authoring, web streaming, editing or storage. For Excellent high-quality features Fast, responsive and reliable You get a lot for your money. As before, there are also buttons for the creation of watch folders and queues. Home Professional Video Post Production svtfescsxvuzwbcdaazdc. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. You can transcode between HD and Standard Definition SD video, change frame rates and export to any format using preset or custom settings.

Unlike recent changes to Grass Valley’s Edius editing software, the geass user interface is largely untouched since version 2, being composed of Source, Target and Convert tabs under which selections are made and prococer tweaked. See any errors on this page? Video grasa too low Video has halos or blocks near objects Cause: Grass valley procoder 3 works fast and provides quality output.


Intuitive ProCoder Wizard The ProCoder Wizard will guide you through the graws process, helping you choose the optimum compression settings for your particular media destination.

DVD authoring error Video shows strange patterns or blocks Cause: Our Verdict First-rate encoding suite offering great versatility and support for a vast selection of source and output formats. Use of seek or trick-play in the ggrass Cause: Grass valley procoder 3 new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Scalable Technology Architecture ProCoder’s conversion speed increases with the power of the system, many times transcoding at faster-than-real-time speeds when running on high-end systems.

Other newly supported output formats include H.

Grass Valley ProCoder 3 User Manual

Besides saving time, applying filters at this stage is also useful if you have multiple source files and a standard set of filters won’t be appropriate for them all. Video resolution too low Cause: ProCoder 3 Encoding Software for Windows is rated 5. Set-top DVD audio decoder problems Cause: Rated 5 out of 5 by bhop from Great time saver Procoder 3 has greatly improved video conversion throughput with its managed folder function.

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