The immaculate reading by Phyllida Nash brings out all the wit and charm of this book. But Heyer brings this stock character to the forefront in this novel, and Freddy shines in the role of the unassuming but true love for our heroine Kitty. As boys will be boys. While Alpha heroes are very sexy and I love them, they are soooo unrealistic. After browbeating one of the nephews into a fake marriage proposal, Kitty proceeds to do exactly that, armed with an illustrated guide of the points of interes in the metropolis: I was new to Georgette Heyer at the time, and also my expectations had been set by Devil’s Cub , probably one of Heyer’s more romantic books, what with the hot and hot-tempered hero chasing the reluctant heroine all over creation be still, my heart. What Heyer is really good at is depicting regency society without going off the rails, as so many contemporary writers do.

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They clearly loved each other and their children, but in that deep, quiet, oh-so-English way.

Highclere Castle Floor Plan: This has been one of the Georgette Heyer books on my TBR list for a while, but I paged through it at the library the other day and realized that I actually had read it maybe 10 years ago and pretty much forgotten it, except for the ending. He was simply a nice mannered pink of the tonwilling to come to the help of a lady, somewhat clever in his own way.

It is also a book about people who are not the prettiest, and not the most brilliant, and who are actually quite silly, but sweet and georgette heyer cotillion and hilarious together. Were you georgette heyer cotillion by Freddy’s exquisite taste, or is this new touch all of your own devising? When she threatens to cry, Freddy is too mortified to do anything but agree.


Kitty impulsively asks Freddy, another of the great-nephews, to enter into a pretend engagement with her for a month.

Cotillion (Audiobook) by Georgette Heyer |

Uncle Matthew makes the whimsical decision heysr name Kitty as his heiress, but only if she marries one of his extensive collection of great-nephews, the offspring of his assorted and much-loathed sisters’ children. Our feisty heroine puts up a fight and deals the worldly-wise Beaumaris a deft hand in the cotillkon of love; at first grudgingly charmed, he soon becomes smitten.

I shall listen to it again I am sure. I liked her much better than Arabella, though. What should be witty georgette heyer cotillion sound turgid and artificial. I think this is the only Heyer book I have read in which I mistook the identity of the hero, but I was thrilled with the way it turned out in the end.

Breathlessly whirling with Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion

When I read Arabella that is my cotilion when I read Cotillion that is my favourite. Published June 1st by HarperPrism first published Mari T 21 September at View all 9 comments.

Always a georgette heyer cotillion If you like humour, sparkling repartee, adventure, mystery, and rapturous romance then don’t go past Georgette Heyer regency fiction. Seems like an easy choice for Kitty, but the only problem is that the saucy Jack has refused to answer the summons. But Jack, while he intends someday to wed Kitty believing that Uncle Matthew’s money must be willed either to her or to himprefers to lead a rakish lifestyle as long as possible.


Georgette heyer cotillion material may be challenged and removed.

georgette heyer cotillion With a mind to beat the competition, she pretends to be geortette rich heiress and soon finds herself the talk of the town, pursued by the most eligible bachelors in the city.

And the sweetest and the kindest couple ever, in my opinion. Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks. Cotillion – First Impressions, No Spoilers. Maybe I just had my heart set on the reformed rake trope.

Cotillion by Georgette Heyer

It is a book about not being that b Regency. Return to Book Page. With an introduction to the household of her impromptu fiancee’s sister Meg, the girl is ready to take the Ton by storm. The Real Downton Abbey.

This is by far my favourite of her Regencies. All’s well that end’s well when both Kit and the reader come to understand the callow heartlessness beneath Jacqueline’s beauty, and the strength and loyalty that lie under Frederica’s shallow obsession with fashion and manners. One of my favorite scenes was georgette heyer cotillion Freddy was discussing politics with his father.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 7th, Even Sir Richard Wyndham, who is not a womanizer, fits the brooding hero stereotype. And they are wearing the test of time.

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