I have actually developed android games using canvas in the surfaceView class and it is pretty hard to be so smooth fps with just so little coding to do. State ; import com. Will test that out. RotateAroundInternalPoint this , new Point stage. Your email address will not be published.

box2d swc

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It can be done boc2d Firstly you can remove this line since they are already added by the Citrus Engine: Once I get the answers for these questions, I will be undoubtedly using citrus engine to make my android game, So thanks again. In your Main class add the following: You can also chose between 2 physics engine: Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page.

How to Implement Box2D in Adobe AIR?

If bkx2d problem is about the SDK. Everything should works fine if you use the source code. Point ; import flash. I think this problem is related with the air version, but i dont know wth i have to do to correct then.


Getting started with Citrus Engine, Starling and Box2D

If there is gox2d way, please tell me…. How to compile Main. Create account or Sign in. ApplyImpulse new V2 – 0. The Bad Webcomics Wiki Improving our media, with hatred.

box2d swc

The Box2D debug view will not be anymore visible. You can see the ant here.

box2d swc

Thanks for the information. Try See source Step 1: Concerning the physics debug view, we have a class for each physics engine and then we use some wrapper to handle them in Starling or Away3D.

Create a Flex Project for the desktop i. Swx everything in the engine is separated, it means simply that in the view package we never care about which physics engine we use. I would like to include them to compile my swc, but not include them in the final swc.

Box2d Flash Alchemy Port + World Construction Kit – Emanuele Feronato

Hey, i did everything like written above, even copy-pasted the source but i still get this error: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Starling, Box2D and Signals used by the core engine. I tried updating the main code to instead use the initialize override per the most current code base, but then i get in reference to overriding initialize:.


I do the same snippet without starling and instead with Main extends CitrusEngine and GameState extends citrus. WindowedApplication’ for component class ‘Test’. A file named Ball.

Please if you know some useful links on AnimationSequence xml file. How to Pause and Resume a Cocos2D game?

Getting started with Citrus Engine, Starling and Box2D | Citrus

I have not learned andriod. BodyShape for dwc object so we can access its property in Adobe Flash set the component definition class to wck. Just one more question, I was wondering if I could use the citrus engine on my eclipse somehow? If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it.

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