Exploding party favor included. Bullet that skips a large number of times before exploding. To rate and review, sign in. Corrosive acid that eats through all types of terrain. Fly with Jump Jets, experiment with Bouncy Dirt, and discover new ways to play! Make the other tank “drink from the fire hose!

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After 4 years of effort, Pocket Tanks now includes the ability to play games over a local area network LAN. This is practically a new game Random explosions in the general area where the bullet landed. Vertical homing shot that packs a punch.

Throw a barrel of oil and a lit match, then watch the field burn. A whirling wind to whip and toss your enemy out of whack. Account Options Sign in. Bouncy object that ‘shocks’ any nearby tanks. Order your copy today by clicking here.

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To visit the site: A mechanized military grade worm, with lasers – OW! Join the explosive multiplayer tank battles. Please spread the word about Puzzle Catcher, I’d really appreciate it! Summons an asteroid from orbit Very large area of effect. But first you will see a Free weapon pack released in a few weeks, then a Free and a For-Sale pack released roughly blitwise pocket tanks weapons month after that.


Pocket Tanks beta is now available!

Pocket Tanks

To commemorate the th Pocket Tanks weapon, I tried blitwise pocket tanks weapons new by creating these packs almost entirely from suggestions weappons to the Blitwise Forums. The most tenacious weapon ever created. United States – Tajks Gosh, I hope people still play games 20 years from now. Swirling and burning glue with a large area of effect. This update brings our Online functions from a third party Backend as a Service supported framework to a BlitWise maintained AWS hosted server infrastructure.

The iOS version continues to be updated along with other mobile versions that were released later. Typical ‘shot’ weapon that includes ten warheads.

Boulders tumble downhill, damaging and burying opponents. Split planets with the Crackdown, or perhaps buy a new barn with the Pot ‘o Gold. Want to help spread the word about BlitWise games? Spider web effect that sprays the closest tank when it goes off. Creeping, crawling weapon that will reach out and shock you! This should provide us greater flexibility in the future, and most players should not experience any disruption in bkitwise play or functionality.


Blitwise pocket tanks weapons launch to impact, this thing explodes. I’m turning over a new leaf by releasing 2 weapone weapon packs in the next couple of weeks.

Report this game to Microsoft Potential violation Offensive content Child exploitation Malware or virus Privacy concerns Misleading app Poor performance. Cruiser-based weapon that only rolls downhill. Great for ripping the terrain apart and trapping tanks in holes.

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