The default settings are Disabled. Remember the Password Keep a record of the new password when the password is changed. These settings are more likely to configure a workable computer when something is wrong. The default setting is 1: Different types of system configuration parameters are set on each screen.

amibios hiflex setup utility

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Different types of system configuration parameters are set on each screen. The default settings are Disabled.

amibios hiflex setup utility

MFM drives have 17 sectors per track. The settings are 32, 64, 96,, or Windows Function Setup This section has five icons that permit you to set system configuration options such as date, time, hard disk type, floppy type, and many others.

amibios hiflex setup utility

The settings are Disabled, 1 Min minutesand all one minute intervals up to and including 15 Min. Power Management Setup Configure power conservation features.

amibios hiflex setup utility

If Always is chosen, a user password prompt appears every time the computer is turned on. The Optimal default setting is 3F8h. The settings are Monitor or Ignore. The settings are Disabled, Standby, or Suspend.


The Optimal and Fail-Safe default settings are Primary.

Getting into the BIOS

Also, the contents of the RAM area can be read from and written to srtup memory. This option is only available if supported by the computer hardware.

Choose Type and choose the appropriate hard disk drive type 1 – The size of a sector gets progressively smaller as the track diameter diminishes. Parity Check Set this option to Enabled to check the parity of all system memory. Configure features specific to the chipset used in the computer.

The default setting is Disabled. The Optimal and Fail-Safe default settings are C Yet each sector must still hold bytes.

American Megatrends – Firmware Tools & Utilities

Since every motherboard manufacturer modifies AMIBIOS to suit their motherboard’s needs, the following setup information may or may not be correct for your motherboard. All Advanced Setup options are described in this section. The default is 70ns. The default setting for all options is Ignore. All Standard Setup options are described below.


Disclaimer of Warranty DEW Associates Corporation assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in these materials. The Fail-Safe default setting is Disabled.

Firmware Tools & Utilities

The settings are 1: The settings are Disabled, Off, Standby, or Suspend. The old MFM hard drive types are listed on page The settings are C: The settings are Primary, Secondary, Bothor Disabled. The types of defaults are: The Optimal and Fail-Safe default settings are Present.

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